Poll: 6 in 10 Americans Support Federal Law to Protect Abortion Access

No matter their personal beliefs, most Americans believe abortion should be legal and would support Congress passing a new federal law to protect women’s access to care, according to a poll released by the Center for Reproductive Rights. The survey found that 6 in 10 adults (61 percent) would support a federal law like the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would safeguard abortion care and prevent restrictions that put access increasingly out of reach.

The survey of 1,877 voting-age adults in the United States sought to gauge attitudes towards women’s health as Congress debates stripping away reproductive care and state legislatures continue to pass hundreds of restrictions limiting access to services. An overwhelming 87 percent of those surveyed want Congress to share their values on women’s health issues. The survey also finds that 8 in 10 adults (81 percent) want their representatives to be more vocal in support of these issues.

Read more about the research findings on the Center for Reproductive Rights website.