Congress Must Act to Save Roe v. Wade

Nancy Kaufman, CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women (an Act for Women campaign member), recently published the following op-ed.

What if a state passes a law that shuts down all abortion clinics within 150 miles of hundreds of thousands of women because the corridors were not the same width as a hospital with 100 beds? Would that be fair? How about 250 miles? 500 miles? Where would you draw the line?

What if you had to drive 400 miles to see an abortion provider and then wait another day for the procedure — and not for any medically necessary reason? Another 2 days? Would being forced to miss two or three days of work for a procedure that takes less than an hour seem right to you? How about having to prove when you last had your period and when you last had sex to be sure the fetus was less than 20 weeks old? (And how exactly would you prove that?)

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